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If you are a hot sleeper then you need cooling sleepwear. These women's cooling pajamas are perfect for people living in warm climates, new moms, women going through menopause, everyone. Wake up feeling refreshed, experience the joy of cooling pajamas that wick sweat away, performance dry, and actively cool the skin!

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Cooling Sleepwear Designed By PJ Experts

Enjoy bedtime relaxation like never before with our women's cooling pajamas. Made from premium speciality fabrics that wick, dry, and actively cool, these cooling sleepwear styles offer soothing slumber even on the hottest nights. It's time to say goodbye to overheating and say hello to cool pajamas for women.

Women's Cooling Pajamas In A Range Of Styles & Sizes

Shorts, pants, joggers, t-shirts, convertible sleeves, button-front, solid color, and pattern, our selection of cooling sleepwear includes it all. No matter your style, we have the best cool pajamas for you. We also offer all of our women's pajamas in sizes XS to 3X, meaning everybody can enjoy the most rejuvenating sleep!

The Best Cool Pajama Gift

A gift that keeps on giving? Surprise someone special with women's cooling pajamas. Not just a comfortable way to relax after a long day, the thoughtful gift of cooling sleepwear shows you care by eliminating the discomfort of overheating. Enhance your cooling pajama gift by including upgraded packaging, a gift tag, and extra comfort accessories.