Signature Soft Fleece Collection

Escape into a world of stylish comfort with our Signature Soft Fleece cozy lounge sets & separates. While we absolutely love all of the options in our Cozy Escape collection, one of our favorite Signature Soft Fleece loungewear styles is the Cozy Escape Hooded Pullover Set.

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Versatile Cozy Lounge Sets & Separates

When it comes to at-home and one-the-go stylish, look no further than our Cozy Escape Signature Soft Fleece lounge sets and separates. Perfect for WFH, amazing for errands, effortless for school pickup, just right for traveling, it's time to live life comfortably in these cozy loungewear styles. Say "yes" to fleece loungewear. Looking for a smooth fleece pajama set? Take a look at our Super Soft Pajamas.

Premium Cozy Loungewear

Designed to feel like a warm spa on a chilly day, these cozy loungewear styles are made of the most luxurious popcorn fleece. Never too hot and never too heavy, the best thing about these cozy lounge sets and separates is that they are made to last. Yes, that's right, this fleece loungewear, like our Cozy Escape Coatigan, doesn't pill or lose shape even after years of wear and washing.

Fleece Loungewear Makes A Great Gift

Know someone who loves a good cozy lounge set? Get that someone something special. Get them Cozy Escape Signature Soft Fleece Loungewear. Here to help make your gifting experience effortless, with all cozy loungewear purchases we offer the option to include upgraded packaging and extras like a candle, a mask, or Cozy Escape Plush Socks.