Social & Environmental Responsibility

We're on a mission to do our best for the planet and its people.
Here's how we're doing it.

Our Vermont Home

As a Vermont-based company, with a Vermont-based team, care and compassion for people and the planet are in our DNA. Lovers of nature. Passionate about the betterment of humanity. We are proud socially and environmentally responsible Vermonters.

Our Social & Environmental Values

Less Waste

Quality is our priority. With premium fabrics, expert manufacturing techniques, and rigorous testing, our goal is to make products that stay out of the landfill. Whether it's loving for a lifetime, handing down, or donating, our designs are made to last.

Giving Back

Over the years we have partnered with a variety of organizations that donate to and support those in need. Taking care of our community, locally and globally, is our duty.

Better Choices

From product details and packaging to suppliers and factories, we put thought into everything we do. We are constantly working to minimize our environmental impact, while maximizing social welfare.

Product Spotlight: Consciously Cozy

Crafted with intention, this collection features biodegradable buttons and packaging as well as a revolutionary eco-friendly TENCEL™ Modal. The fibers of this fabric are derived from raw material wood using a resource-efficient technology. It has a high ranking for low energy consumption, reduced global warming, low water consumption, and eutrophication.

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Our Responsible Manufacturers

"EAA is a manufacturing & sourcing company that enables brands to diversify their supply chains through ethical production in West Africa. We deliver cost competitive, quality products while ensuring workers are respected, empowered, and paid living wages."

Positive Impacts:

  • Gender Equality
  • Worker Wellbeing & Empowerment
  • Fair Compensation
  • Climate Solutions

"Venitra has been on the forefront of sustainable and compliant clothing manufacturing since our inception — long before it was a buzz word in the industry. With a forward thinking management team with decades of experience in knit and woven garment production, Venitra has long understood the importance and value of maintaining a healthy and happy workforce, sustainable manufacturing practices that minimize waste, and lowering our impact on the environment by utilizing water and energy reduction practices.."

Positive Impacts:

  • Worker Wellbeing & Empowerment
  • Fair Compensation
  • Climate Solutions
  • Private Animal Rescue

Global Certifications